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Fat Transfer Surgery by Dr. Paul Vitenas

Do you look at the proportion of your body and wish you could change things, a little more here and a little less there?  Have you been hesitant to pursue a cosmetic surgery procedure because you are unsure about putting artificial implants in your body?  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is making the dreams of a beautiful, curvaceous body possible for every women, without the use of synthetic implants.  The Fat Transfer procedure can achieve exactly what you wish for – a narrower waist, rounder buttocks, slimmer thighs, and voluptuous breasts – all done naturally, using only your own living tissue.


The Fat Transfer procedure is different from other types of augmentation in that your living fat cells are used to plump and resize your body.  The fatty (adipose) tissue is first harvested from a donor site, usually through liposuction of the thighs, abdomen, or the lower back.  These are areas that will aesthetically benefit from the loss of excess fat, becoming leaner with better contours.  Once the delicate tissue has been harvested, cleaned, and processed, it is ready to be delivered to another location on your body.  Your own tissue is the key to the success of these procedures, as the living fat cells will attach and establish a blood supply in the new location, allowing it to continue to thrive.  This means that your results will last for years to come, even permanently.  


Face:  While there are several products available to help with wrinkles and facial volume, none of them will help permanently.  The Facial Fat Transfer will lift, tighten, and provide volume to your face, and best of all, the beautiful results will last for years.  Your eyes, cheeks, lips, jawline, even sagging skin, can benefit from the Facial Fat Transfer.


Buttocks:  The Butt Fat Transfer, or Brazilian Butt Lift, uses your own tissue to raise the buttocks and create a sexy, round derriere.  The results will look and feel natural, creating a smooth, full bottom that looks amazing under clothing or in a swimsuit. 


Breasts: A Breast Fat Transfer allows you to gain a full cup size without worrying about saline or silicone implants.  Dr. Vitenas is able to visually sculpt and shape the breasts to the desired size, adding just the right amount of tissue to create a full and natural looking chest. 


Hands:   A Hand Fat Transfer restores fullness to the hands and re-builds lost structure that occurs from aging.  Wrinkled, loose skin can be tightened and the ‘thin skin’ appearance reversed.  A Hand Fat Transfer will rejuvenate the hands, making them look years younger.   


Calves:  Undersized and emaciated calves can be a source of embarrassment.  In the Calf Fat Transfer, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery will bring the calves to a size proportional to the rest of your body.  They will look healthy and defined, without any noticeable scarring. 


To provide immediate access to our Fat Transfer procedures, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery accepts a variety of payments, as well as special, interest free financing through Care Credit and Chase Health Advantage.   


Dr. Paul Vitenas has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and has personally developed his own Fat Transfer techniques.   The Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery Center is conveniently located at 11914 Astoria Blvd., Suite 470, Houston, TX 77089, near Memorial Herman Southeast Hospital.  Schedule your consultation today, at 281.506.0902 or use the convenient, online Contact Us form. 

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